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The commands to manage highway and city bike

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The commands to manage highway and city bike



The Committee of Japanese motorcycle assemblers created a Decalogue for the safety of motorcyclists. Follow these commandments for safe driving.




    1. Drive defensively. Assume that is invisible to other drivers. If you believe that nobody has seen him on the road, you can anticipate their moves. Assume that other drivers always react in the most reckless possible, and mentally anticipate an escape route for each possible undesirable situation.


    2. Use a good helmet and keep it fastened. Inappropriate helmets save him from the fine, but not life-saving. A good helmet should cover the entire scalp, including the ears and chin. The inner shell should have a thick styrofoam to absorb the impact. Buckle, because if you leave the head, you can not protect him.


    3. Avoid the 'sandwich' when driving. Never pass between two moving vehicles. Any unexpected movement of one of them can affect you.


    4. Check your tire pressure. A flat tires or different pressures to the recommended compromise the stability and adhesion of the moto. Inflate according to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.


    5. Rest assured that the turn, stop and mirrors, are used to protect it. The lights are most useful mechanism to indicate to other drivers what the next maneuver. Do not forget to turn on the light, so is the day. This makes it easier to identify what other drivers, especially in their rearview mirrors.


    6. Avoid white or yellow lines when wet and stay tuned to the patches of oil. If you can not, make sure your bike is vertical when passing over them, since they are so slippery that if the bike goes sideways, easily end up on the floor. Avoid braking or accelerating sharply over a painted line that is wet or on a patch of oil.


    7. Drive less rapid than it is capable. Never carry your bike or your driving skills to the fullest, because in case of negligence of a third party (a dog, a car that is closed, a patch of oil) will not have time to react. If you drive at 70 percent capacity, will have that extra 30 percent as a 'cushion' to react.


    8. Use both brakes at the same time. However, note that the front brake commands 70 percent of braking power. In a safe area, and dry and wet conditions, practice pressing the front brake hard enough to stop the bike quickly, not blocking the wheel. A good front brake management is critical to weather an emergency.


    9. Pass on the left. Passing on the right is a risk because the cars can close it or it may run over a pedestrian who descend from a bus.


    10. Care at junctions. Before turning, look left, then right, left again and cross. The police power of London recommends this trick to look twice, as one of the most useful to prevent accidents at crossings, because only then will be safe from vehicles displayed at the last minute.

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Glucose test

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Glucose test


Your body is like a machine that needs fuel to keep moving. Most of the fuel we need comes from sugar foods. With diabetes, you can have too much sugar in the blood as not having enough. As far as very low blood sugar can be harmful. home test kits


Diabetes just creates a difficulty in regulating natural sugar content in blood, so he needs to be regulated artificially, and you must learn to do it for yourself.


The best way to do this is through testing of blood glucose and urine.

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Samsung Plasma or LCD

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Check the overall performance of hours Samsung Plasma or LCD ? I found this guide ECSA forum member to check the total time of Samsung LCD or plasma. It is reported that this method has been tested and works for some models of Samsung TVs, and work on my TV 32 "LCD, too. These are the steps:

1. Turn on the TV and be on standby. Do not turn on the TV.

2. Pick up the remote and press the following buttons in order: Information - Menu> -> Food -> Silence.

3. You must be fast enough to push the magic sequence to get to the calibration menu screen technique, or simply end up switching to a normal TV channel.

4. Upon reaching the calibration of the main menu screen technician, office hours will be shown in the upper left corner of the screen.

5. Press the power button to exit the screen calibration technique and set the TV to standby mode. No technical changes to TV settings, unless you know what you're doing. This is useful if you only new Samsung TV delivered to your home, you need to make sure you do not get the display or 2 unit, which lasts for several hours.

The symbol of a marriage commitment is still the wedding bands

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The symbol of a marriage commitment is still the wedding bands. Traditionally, the ring as a sign of everlasting love during the wedding ceremony at the ring finger slipped. Choose a wedding ring is not always easy. We offer fine quality of Gents Wedding Rings festooned in any of the precious metal to enhance the beauty of the wearer.

So you have set your wedding plans in motion and it's time to get your rings. This is one of the most intimate details of your wedding when you choose a symbol of love to wear on your finger the rest of your lives. However, though the moment might stimulate romantic notions and starry-eyed dreams, there needs to be a reality check before you hit the cash register. Wedding rings mean different things to different people and may be the pinnacle of your ceremony, just be sure that you use some cerebral flexing in between heartbeats. Gents wedding bands are a visible sign to inspire and encourage your love, however practicality serves you well in the long run.

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7 tips to get the best training equipment

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Buy Fitness Equipment - Use these seven tips to get the best training equipment


With the start of the new year, you're thinking about improving their personal fitness? maybe drop a few pounds or toning? Decided to give a better way to New Year's resolutions most popular around. Purchase of fitness equipment for your home is one of the best ways to make it happen, but it's easier said than done.


We have thousands of home fitness products on the market today, the AB machines treadmills, elliptical trainers for weight training systems, and this is just the beginning. With so many options should you choose?


In this article we discuss the seven simple tips you can follow that will guide you to the best exercise equipment for your needs and your budget.


1) a decision on their fitness goals.


Before you begin your search in all seriousness, is not to find exactly what you want. You want to lose weight? get washboard abs? Pack more muscles? Developing your resistance? Or, perhaps, achieve all these goals?


Once you decide your fitness goals, you can go to the next step.


2) Make an inventory of your space.


Fitness can eat a lot of space in a residence. Moreover, a typical treadmill or elliptical can consume as much space as a common database. And a system of gymnastics at home, as a Bowflex, it may require a very special room.


Yes, decide exactly how much space you have available, and make more detailed measurements. If you have a limited amount of space, let's say you live in a studio, then you definitely need to save space, equipment that folds away when not in use or can be stored in a closet or under the bed to consider.


3) Nail your budget.


Regardless of which product you are considering good exercise equipment is rarely cheap. To make sure you have enough money to buy a unit of quality.


Generally, the higher the price, best quality components, the more features you get and best warranty coverage. Moreover, the more you pay for a machine, the more likely you are to actually make regular use.


4) Do an online search.


On the Internet you can find a wealth of information for almost every piece of fitness equipment on the planet. a simple search engine query on a treadmill model, for example, will return hundreds of sites.


I recommend you start your search with the manufacturer of the product you are considering. The manufacturer's site will probably have an extensive list of features and specifications of the product, the sites are better books, too.


After that, search the review sites consumers, honest feedback on who has actually bought and used equipment.


5) Give the machine a trial run.


Line of investigation is extremely convenient and saves time but is no substitute for hands on exposure. Try a store that sells the product you want to find.


Once you arrive at the store, put the machine through the corridors. It is an escalator? Running or walking on it for fifteen minutes. It is a system of free weights? go through an abbreviated training.


If you run your test drive, review the quality of construction. It is stable? If it feels thin and cheap? Is the computer console (with regard to: a) easy to read? Or is it too confusing?


The current vendor will probably try to trick you into buying one, but at this point object. questions, but do not let them put pressure on you to buy the product.


6) the final decision.


It's showtime. You have searched online. You have gained firsthand experience in the store. Now it's time to make your final decision.


Or is it? Be honest with yourself. If you have not found exactly what you want, you are not obligated to buy anything today, just to feel like New Year's resolution come. After all, buying fitness equipment quality is a serious investment. keep looking, if you are not the product that meets your needs and your budget found.


7) Save money by buying online.


When you're ready to buy now or next week or two months from now, I recommend that you purchase online your exercise equipment. Online directly from the manufacturer or a retailer of discount you can save 40% or more of the price. And because the market is so competitive, you usually free shipping too.


The Winner 55 Inch Philips HDTV LCD

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Therace for the largest LCD TV has a temporary winner. The Taiwanesecompany, Kolin, has a model 55-inch LCD TV yesterday, saying that thelargest LCD TVs in the Taiwan market.


The TV is built with LG.Philips LCD panels. The resolution of this "monster" is a high-definition TV (HDTV) standard 1920x1080p.

According to Kolin President Liu Chi-law, the model will be produced and sold in Taiwan this year, but the second half.



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Digitimes.comfor the Taiwan market is not the only one to enjoy this new piece oftechnology. The model will also be sold in the U.S. market, where thedistribution will be made by the Group of syntax, the American partnerof Kolin.


In fact, the 55-inch LCD TV is not the only productreleased by Kolin and during the event yesterday, the company operatesthree small LCD TV launched a 42-inch size. These models will beavailable for sale since April.


The directors expect Kolin 2005a great year for them in terms of revenue. The company expects to ship300,000 LCD TVs in all sizes this year - more than 200% compared tolast year.


The models released yesterday, also represents thefirst attempt at Kolin in this segment and the company to disclose the20 -, 27 -, 30 -, 32 - and 37-inch LCD TVs.


But they haveconfidence in your success, so another aim of the company is launchinga 61-inch TV. Only this time, the model is based on liquid crystal onsilicon (LCOS) technology and will be released in the second half ofthe year.


In LCOS, liquid crystals applied to a reflectivemirror substrate. As the liquid crystals open and close, light isreflected by the mirror below, or blocked. This modulates the light andcreates the image. LCOS technology is usually a very high resolution,and usually higher in price than most DLP and LCD products.


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