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Samsung Plasma or LCD

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Check the overall performance of hours Samsung Plasma or LCD ? I found this guide ECSA forum member to check the total time of Samsung LCD or plasma. It is reported that this method has been tested and works for some models of Samsung TVs, and work on my TV 32 "LCD, too. These are the steps:

1. Turn on the TV and be on standby. Do not turn on the TV.

2. Pick up the remote and press the following buttons in order: Information - Menu> -> Food -> Silence.

3. You must be fast enough to push the magic sequence to get to the calibration menu screen technique, or simply end up switching to a normal TV channel.

4. Upon reaching the calibration of the main menu screen technician, office hours will be shown in the upper left corner of the screen.

5. Press the power button to exit the screen calibration technique and set the TV to standby mode. No technical changes to TV settings, unless you know what you're doing. This is useful if you only new Samsung TV delivered to your home, you need to make sure you do not get the display or 2 unit, which lasts for several hours.

The Winner 55 Inch Philips HDTV LCD

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Therace for the largest LCD TV has a temporary winner. The Taiwanesecompany, Kolin, has a model 55-inch LCD TV yesterday, saying that thelargest LCD TVs in the Taiwan market.


The TV is built with LG.Philips LCD panels. The resolution of this "monster" is a high-definition TV (HDTV) standard 1920x1080p.

According to Kolin President Liu Chi-law, the model will be produced and sold in Taiwan this year, but the second half.



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Digitimes.comfor the Taiwan market is not the only one to enjoy this new piece oftechnology. The model will also be sold in the U.S. market, where thedistribution will be made by the Group of syntax, the American partnerof Kolin.


In fact, the 55-inch LCD TV is not the only productreleased by Kolin and during the event yesterday, the company operatesthree small LCD TV launched a 42-inch size. These models will beavailable for sale since April.


The directors expect Kolin 2005a great year for them in terms of revenue. The company expects to ship300,000 LCD TVs in all sizes this year - more than 200% compared tolast year.


The models released yesterday, also represents thefirst attempt at Kolin in this segment and the company to disclose the20 -, 27 -, 30 -, 32 - and 37-inch LCD TVs.


But they haveconfidence in your success, so another aim of the company is launchinga 61-inch TV. Only this time, the model is based on liquid crystal onsilicon (LCOS) technology and will be released in the second half ofthe year.


In LCOS, liquid crystals applied to a reflectivemirror substrate. As the liquid crystals open and close, light isreflected by the mirror below, or blocked. This modulates the light andcreates the image. LCOS technology is usually a very high resolution,and usually higher in price than most DLP and LCD products.


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