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Posted by tylerazmi on May 31, 2011 at 8:25 AM

G53JW-3DE or Asus G53JW-3DE

1st of all i am used to buying gaming laptops, however i do not favor whole names or something.. I continually rummage around for the simplest deal out there. once owning an MSI-GT627 for quite a year I wished to upgrade since hardware has evolved lots since then (what else is new right). With all the 3d craze all around I got concerning|interested by|interested in|inquisitive about} 3d enabled laptops (and I had already heard about nvidia 3d vision) and located smart reviews for the ASUS G51JX-3DE. thus I went ahead and ordered one and that i got hooked to 3d gaming!! The laptop was nice (performance), type issue wasn't thus nice (more uncomfortable than g53) and it came with a faulty hdmi port thus I had to come it. I did additional analysis and located out concerning the ASUS G53JW-3DE that was to unharness soon (like a handful of months ago once I was still looking). i made a decision to attend for it and pre-ordered from amazon as a result of if i buy a laptop on-line I rather get it from massive stores that tend to be additional trustworthy (in case of returns etc). Ok thus thats the story, currently to the nice part:

This laptop simply rocks!!!! It IS a powerhouse... it'll run something at high settings (without 3d enabled) and it will not even stutter when enabling 3d vision (the G51 kinda stuttered (lagged a bit) in some games like LostPlanet2 once I enabled 3d vision). it's renowned that there's a performance hit once you enable 3d vision however if there's one laptop which will place up with that's this one.

another excuse why i made a decision to attend for this laptop once I did is as a result of it's directx eleven compatible (which means that it comes with the newest technology out there). Like I said, spec-wise this pc is simply prime of the road and it delivers.

currently on to the look .. that i believe is nothing short than revolutionary!! (no im not an asus rep attempting to sell.. lol) i actually mean this. I 1st had seen the G57 (and its smart reviews) however I dont understand if you'll be able to decision that a laptop anymore lol (its huge!). in order that was an additional reason for anticipating the g53! Here is that the factor, the vents on the rear of the laptop simply work.. gone are the times of putting up with heat problems and burning your hands.. NO MORE! Like I said i am used to buying gaming laptops and this can be by so much the simplest style I've seen, it's simply unimaginable how they tackled the heating problems and also the stealth fighter concept is cool too!!

If you have got researched this pc you prob already realize all its alternative options (lighted keyb, full keyb (w/numeric), webcam, face recognition, 1usb3.0 etc etc) (which are great) thus I targeted on performance and style.

it's conjointly price mentioning that I even have already tried enjoying a bluray 3d movie on this pc and it worked flawlessly (with third party software).

i do know you furthermore mght need to grasp if there's something negative concerning this pc, well there are some aspects that would be improved however did not have an effect on my rating for it. except for the record:

most screen resolution is hd solely (720p). this can be reasonably a given at this time for 3d capable screens thus there is not abundant they'll do. however i am certain full hd 3d capable screens can begin to indicate up soon (if they havent). To me this was no biggie cause I've had full hd screens on a 15'' laptop before and that i really lowered the res as a result of everything looked two little. I conjointly hook up my pc to my 42'' lcd and that i will run everything at FULL-HD if i need to that means too (without 3d till i buy a 3d compatible tv).

No ExpressCard port. Yeah i do know this sucks.. i used to be like what??!!! I even have an expresscard tv card (that did not get lots of use however still). i used to be considering taking one star simply because of this however then you have got to recollect it will accompany a USB three.0 port.. i assume you cannot have everything.

AC adapter to a small degree bit on the large facet. this can be not an enormous deal extremely however it adds to the load and it'd be price mentioning.

and that is all I will think about without delay.. if something i'll update the review.. thus there you have got it.. If you are looking for a 3d gaming capable laptop, this one is prime of the road (a bit dear however well well worth the money).. if 3d isn't what you are looking for then rummage around for alternative variations of the G53 that are cheaper.ASUS n53sv-xv1 or n53sv-xv1

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