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Posted by tylerazmi on May 24, 2011 at 3:09 PM

The existence of the game goes back to ancient times. The toys are probably as old as mankind, from primitive man (pebble shape), through the Romans and the Middle Ages, it is known through the literature that already existed dolls, three lines, etc. The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, appear toys as we now know and is at this time that begins to manifest the ingenuity of manufacturers. In the eighteenth century began to use the educational games that are renewed and extended until the nineteenth century. Anyway, these changes are minor, considering the evolution of the toy called the late nineteenth century and even more so in the late twentieth century. These items are becoming more diverse, more numerous and better prepared to make the twentieth century is seen as the golden age of the toy.


The game is a vital necessity, not just an activity that is fun as you might think, but a means of learning, expression and communication with others.
The game is for the child an essential activity, which allows it to develop at all levels, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, etc.
Intellectual: Because while you play explores and discovers the reality, inventing situations they have to give a solution, memorize rules, developed the attention .

Physical: Because the movement promotes the knowledge of his physical appearance, muscle development, coordination and balance, develops the senses, manual dexterity and physical agility.
Social: Because the child starts using the game to reach out to others, first attracted by the toys of others and then themselves. Because the game rules encourage cooperation with others, respect and unity to an end. And because the dramatic play, by which the child is adult roles, enabling it to assume the behavior patterns and social habits.

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