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CLEAN waterproof Baby BEDDING

Posted by tylerazmi on November 24, 2010 at 9:46 PM

CLEAN Waterproof Baby BEDDING

a clean pillows


Matched by equally small waterproof disposable pillow covers, from a novel, absolutely noiseless material. Hereno plastic coating was used, the rustle in movement during sleep andcould thereby disturb the little ones and the pad is still wellprotected against contamination.


They need extra protection for your mattresses and pillows, but this must not necessarily be water tight? Thenyou'll find in our assortment and disposable bed sheet without theplastic coating and corresponding cushion covers made of nonwovenfabric.


More hygiene on the changing table ...


thanks to our space-saving way requirements. As with the bedding, is a page from velvety soft fleece and the other plastic coated. The changing table is clean, liquids are immediately absorbed and the baby's sensitive skin is not irritated. Alsoconvenient for travel: the folded waterproof changing requirementseasily fit into a purse and can be easily disposed of on site after use.


... And at the dining table


Also, you do not need more dirty bibs carry round with them. Disposable bibs are available in three different sizes - for babies, toddlers and even adults - and at very reasonable prices. Especially during the holiday season they are a good alternative if you have no chance to wash the used bibs.


Suitable for allergy sufferers


All our baby products are made of neutral materials and can therefore be safely used by allergy sufferers. Especiallywhen your child is sensitive to dust mites, disposable towels isrecommended, as this is the first periodical to be changed, and secondfrom a mite-hostile material, ie Mites can not settle there first. Also, detergent allergies are no longer a problem.



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